"I have just completed a very large renovation to my home in Riverport, Nova Scotia, as well as a new addition. When looking for the best energy-wise and most economical way to insulate both the new and the old, it soon because evident that the new type of spray foam insulation would be the wisest choice.

Initially it appeared to be expensive; however, I was able to use two-by-fours, rather than two-by-sixes, for my wall studs; no vapour barrier was required; and after figuring the cost of the fibreglass insulation and then the labour for installation, it came out about even.

This is when I contacted Brothers Insulfoam of Liverpool. Reid and Kirk promptly arrived to measure and give me a quote. They matched their quote with their invoice, arrived when scheduled, applied the foam to my satisfaction, and when they left, everything was clean and proper.

To say that I am pleased with my dealing with Reid and Kirk would be an understatement. I would easily recommend their expertise and service to any interested party."

-- Don Moore

"[The building inspector] was very complimentary about your work and said it was some of the best he had seen. Thought you would like to know!"

-- Carolyn Poole

"Already our house is much more comfortable than it has ever been in its 130 years of existence. And that's for a simple reason: we had the Mitton brothers of Brothers Insulfoam insulate our basement. They came at the set time...and they gave us a very reasonable estimate, below $1,000, which we accepted. Foam was applied on the agreed date. They advised us they had to delay application of fire prevention paint, as their order had been delayed, and they came back at the agreed time a few days later. The job looked great, and the bill was exactly the amount of the estimate.

This may sound simple enough but only a handful of tradespeople act as professionally and reliably as that. Literally, for the Mittons, their word is their bond."

-- Louis Tousignant

"I was in the UK for the holidays and have to say what a pleasure it was to return to a warm home! All cozy in Round Bay."

-- Suzie Robinson

"We had our complete house done last year. We completed a major renovation and Brothers sprayed floors and walls with foam.. It is a 125 year old Cape and the foam adds to the structure of the home as well. Along with the insulation factor it also adds sound proofing and that is handy as we live quite close to the road. We heat with electric heat and our bills were 140.00 per month and that includes everything. We were very pleased with the work done and would recommend Brothers to anyone."

-- Grant and Sarah Webber

"Dear Brothers Insulation,
I just had to write a quick thank you for the professional work you did on my four unit apartment building in Halifax late in 2014. I’ve owned the building for 20 years and with a rock and mortar foundation it was time to stop the bleeding of heat loss. You showed up on time, finished on time, were professional and courteous. For what could potentially be a messy job the finished product was neat and tidy and the cleanup afterwards was awesome. Oil heat had always been my biggest expense on the building until now. After calculating my 2015 oil bill your spray foam insulation saved me 25% over a year ago so the pay back is going to be quicker than I thought. I believe there are few different companies offering this type of product but I would highly recommend Brothers insulation to anyone who asks.
Outstanding job guys and I thank you again."

-- Stacy Wentzell REALTOR®, FRI
Partner/Associate Broker 902-456-2740

"I am in the process of renovating a 250 plus year old home located on the coastline of South Shore of NS where we are noted for some cold windy days. I recently had the Mitton Brothers come and spray the rim joist, stone foundation walls, and the floor boards, and then painted the foam with a fire retardant paint, which I was not expecting. They found found gaps and holes that I did not know existed. Once the job was done I instantly notice a difference, NO MORE DRAFTS, the floors and house is much warmer and the heat pumps are not working near as hard, even with the air vents open in the basement. The Brothers were great to work with and went beyond what I expected the to do. Thanks Reid and Kirk."

-- Roger Swansburg